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Incredible as it may seem, I didn’t eat very well as a teenager. I was selective with fruits, ate a few vegetables, and did not eat salad. Logically I felt in my skin the result of bad habits: I lived with rhinitis, had little energy and intestine always stuck. In her teenage years, I put on weight. I began to study more and more about metabolism and nutrition, always testing different concepts. 

Until I gradually transformed my relationship with food and transformed food into a source of nutrition and pleasure, free of guilt or worries. Many times the problem is not in the choices, but in the relationship, we develop with the food. The first step is always to work on it, thus avoiding the so common self-sabotage. 

That’s why I defend the point of view of conscious nutrition. Looking inside, healing your relationship with food and yourself can be liberating. But I also understand that the moments when we allow ourselves to eat what we love. And with the balance they can (and should!) be part of it!


Bruna has helped countless individuals make changes to their diet and lifestyle and achieve personal goals.

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“I work with services focused on the treatment of imbalanced lifestyles, improving vitality, detoxification, and weight loss.”